About Us

In this fast-paced society that we live in, some people are just too busy to do what they enjoy, fulfill what they want. Therefore, what Cityflow offers is a platform to enable busy, working individuals to keep up with current trends and easily obtain information with regard to these trends. This is made possible by showcasing design products from numerous designers, hoping that this platform allows designers to take the lead in trend setting and serve as a driving force to keep the trend going. To satisfy consumers’ needs of keeping up with the ‘in-thing’ is the main reason for Cityflow’s existence.

Cityflow constantly strives to discover the definition of ‘taste’ and has come up with this- if words cannot be used to express ‘taste’, let the clothing and accessories that come along with it speak for themselves and at the same time be a manifestation of who you are. Cityflow is the epitome of a trendsetter and we can definitely help you explore any possible trends and this is when you will experience surprises, admiration and satisfaction like never before.

We sincerely welcome you to experience it for yourself, because almost every single product of ours has a life story behind it. Each product encompasses the designers’ cultural background and the story behind their originality. After understanding the story behind our products, you may come to realise that what you are wearing is no longer just a cold-blooded, non-living thing. In fact, it brings out the essence of lifestyle and even wields the ability to communicate with others around you. Therefore, wait no longer, we welcome you to get into the flow!